Our Vision & Mission

Become the leading AI retail research firm in Africa | Our mission is to transform last-mile retail research with high-level technology and data driven insights across africa.

Research & AI

Providing machine learning solutions that focus on engineering african market datasets to make insightful predictions and forecast

Quality Insights

Ensure quality data mining through standard data aggregation strategies and methods to better improve decision making


Changing the narratives at the last mile retail channels with extensive consumer research and retail insights indcators

Our Core Values


We love what we do and we put in a lot of time to perfect our work. When we are not working for our clients, we are working on our company.


The insights and strategy derived from our market research helps our clients grow their business. The market research findings ensure our clients’ marketing, operations, and business strategy is aligned with the needs of customers and markets.


You don’t truly understand another person’s position until you walk in their shoes. In essence, this is the basis and mission of our work. Market research is designed to learn about people’s attitudes, decisions, and behaviors. It’s all about perspective.

“We leverage on our database of 200,000 physical retail stores(both formal and informal) and 500 online retail stores to drive insights and brand performance”

About Retail Scope

Retail scope is a data/AI driven research firm focused on last mile retail channel, we help companies reach the last-mile and bridge the grey areas in retail research in Africa.

We belief in the power of retail, so we decided to help companies grow their consumer reach through the last-mile, this is sin-qua-non for exponential growth as the retail space transform through data and artificial intelligence

Our 10,000 Retail Stores- Brand Insight

Reports And News Insights

Retail Research Reports in Africa

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